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bullet journaling

  • bullet journaling is simply using bullets in your notes!
  • to keep notes concise, it is not magic
  • it existed on paper, now the bullet journal guy that sells the book named this...
  • is trying to patent and copyright silly things like the portmanteauu bujo
  • dude, are you serious...
  • with optional added syntax like *oO-x etc.


# bullet journaling aka bujo
alias rd="vim ./"
alias cl="vim ./"
alias jf='mkdir "$(date +%F)" && cd "$(date +%F)"'
alias ft='vim ./'
alias cll='vim ./'
alias in='vim ./'
alias fj='vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'
alias bj='cd ./bujo && fj || echo "there is no bujo folder"'
alias bujo='cd ./bujo && fj || mkdir bujo && cd ./bujo && vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'


Usage: bujo [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  bullet journaling & todocli

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  day        week - cps state rollback test
  dayfolder  create subfolder with named todays date
  edit       edit plugin
  folder     create bujo folder
  future     bujo index file
  index      bujo index file
  m          mkdocs serve
  month      month file
  read       read a bujo/ file
  remote     jobs on remotive
  s          start dev server
  snip       open snippet maker
  todo       generic todo
  week       week - cps state rollback test
  ww         weather
  year       week - cps state rollback test
  zl         markdownlint

Last update: September 22, 2023
Created: September 20, 2023