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updated 2022-01-19


adventures/ ☯


tbd maybe hike the oregon pct sections


  • motorcycle camped through 12 states
  • pics on instagram
  • videos on youtube
  • building adventure stuff using [makerpipe[(


  • fernando and I mountain biked from my house to the columbia river (eastbound) through urban trails, mountain bike trails & horse trails
  • videos on this bicycle nerdery playlist



  • bicycled from seattle to portland, this is a yearly group ride, i rode it alone during covid
  • relatively flat with good views, relaxing bicycle paths most the way there
  • at the border crosses the columbia river on the lewis & clark bridge


pct sections

  • pct section h is the longest on the pct and has the highest elevation, the plan was to finish all of the washington pct but there were forest fires at white pass, you can see mt rainier, mt adams and mt st helens at the same time in some areas
  • a rocky mountain bull elk chased me and the trip stopped at white pass due to forest fires

pct section h

pct section j

  • pct section j has steep climbs, it's one of the most beautiful sections with many alpine lakes and a variety of views
  • camping at glacier lake one of my favorite alpine lakes
  • most hikers consider this or the sierras the most beautiful sections


pct section i


korean food

indian food


  • I used to work at vitamins and I use it daily it's a big part of my life
  • typically I use the smoothie container and blend a lemon, apple, spinach and alternate other vegetables
  • we also make soups, and hummus using the food processor
  • you are what you eat, vitamins come from whole foods,



  • started playing guitar in jr high and had a few rock bands in high school
  • in 2016 I began writing songs in a home studio using modern electronic instruments & software
  • music blog

with max

  • my favorite songs are the ones with my son max, he is a master at flute and saxophone
  • here's a few with him & he writes his own complete songs now using bitwig software
  • for live instruments he uses our korg sv1 in addition to his flute & sax




deity lp

  • wrote this deity themed playlist
  • made while was researching new gear, music theory & tibetan buddhism


deity lp gear

  • bitwig software
  • elektron machinedrum
  • moog mother 32
  • moog subharmonicon
  • 1010music blackbox

meditation lp


meditation lp gear

  • ableton software
  • moog sub phatty
  • ableton push 2 daw controller
  • eurorack with various modules, make noise 0 coast, maths, wogglebug, roland aira fx, clouds
  • akai sp404
  • tomcat drum machine


a big playlist

# ☯ meditation

lasercut art

productivity ✓

keyboards/ ☻

  • after moving to seattle i started building mechanical keyboards
  • keyboards site
  • a group here in Seattle that hosts yearly events ckeys


linux/ ✓

  • been using linux off and on for years, and other software, this sites running a linux server on linode
  • the linux site has some videos showing how to automate things and examples of code i use to tune faster workflows which can be reused on any type of project where typing or coding is involved
  • i also program powerfull embedded devices that fit in your pocket and interface with external sensors, cameras, etc. basically some of these are full computers that fit in your hand
  • a good beginner device is the m5stack



  • cookiecutter is an application for scaffolding application templates for anything, plain text documentation or code, documentation is part of code so duh...
  • what does that mean? refer to the website, not sure I can say it any simpler, basically it allows you to create projects using templates, combining multiple languages or formats
  • this is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself if you work with computers

bullet journaling

  • aka bujo
  • i've used bullet journaling for a long time, i have my own way of doing it
  • the main difference in how i use it is i keep separate jounrals for projects instead of collecting them into one


bujo & linux

  • if you use linux here are some shortcuts, in project folders create a bujo/ folder
  • here are my keyboard shortcuts most work relative to the folder
    • rd cl in ft fj jf bj bujo
  • bullet journal ebook <-- this is a personal link to my own ebook it won't work for you


## journaling workflows 
alias rd="vim ./"
alias cl="vim ./"
alias in='vim ./'
alias ft='vim ./'
alias fj='vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'
alias jf='mkdir "$(date +%F)" && cd "$(date +%F)"'
alias bj='cd ./bujo && fj'
alias bujo='cd ./bujo && fj'


  • i'm experimenting with using joplin and bujo
  • also experimenting with command line apps to do more complex bujo patterns but nothing worth sharing yet, they use shell, bash & pthon

todo cli

  • todo cli is a command line to do app
  • these are keyboard shortcuts I use t d snooze done tedit tall tpri
  • each project gets a todocli/ folder and these commands run relative to the current directory


# todocli app 
alias t='clear && ./todocli/'
alias d='clear && t listpri a'
alias snooze='clear && t listpri'
alias done='clear && cat ./todocli/done.txt'
alias tedit='vim ./todocli/todo.txt'
alias tall='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "+"'
alias tpri='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(A"'
alias tprib='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(B"'
alias tpric='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(C"'
alias thelp='clear && ./todocli/ shorthelp'



site info



  • this site's mostly about adventures, buddhism, writing music and tech
  • i've journaled in private and blogged off and on forever, silly but it helps me sort out all the crazy things this world offers
  • lately i'm using mostly mkdocs & reveal & attempting to condense the information as I jump these hobbies
  • if you're familiar with linux & it's command line apps & the vim editor you know how addictive & effortless this can be



  • on a phone slide your finger to navigate
  • on a laptop press escape + arrows + escape again to navigate quickly

web apps


  • links that follow to mkdoc sites have search and code highlighting
  • use the L in the footer to return home


navigation tricks for hyperproductive nerds

  • install vimium for chrome allows you to use keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse
  • once you learn vimium shortcuts you can browse mouseless and reuse the same shortcuts in many other apps like joplin or vim