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2023 workflow

pages-build-deployment Run tests markdownlint


  • ./ script pushes & deploys using:
mkdocs gh-deploy

local server


  • lexi


// Place your key bindings in this file to override the defaultsauto[]
    "key": "cmd+h",
    "command": "markdownlint.fixAll"


  • added readability (lexi) action
  • weird, this only works on pr and adds the report on github
  • this should happen before pushing
  • first a command line
  • then maybe an extension
  • also where are the docs for these algorithms, how do i improve my docs?
  • does it actually check for present tense and active voice?


  • setup release please
  • install cli
npm i release-please -g
touch .github/workflows/release-please.ymladd action


pip show mkdocs-material
# fix pixelbook
pip install --upgrade mkdocs-material 
virtualenv venv
pip install mkdocs-glightbox
  • whoops
git pull --no-ff

Last update: September 13, 2023
Created: February 4, 2023