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updated 2021-01-12





  • started playing guitar in jr high and had a few rock bands in high school
  • in 2013 I slowly started making a home studio and it keeps evolving writing a variety of songs using instruments, software and electronic dawless instruments
  • go to the music mkdocs site

jamuary 2021

jamuary 2021 gear

  • squarp pyramid - midi sequencer
  • 1010music blackbox sampler
  • euroack
    • 2 midi to cv adapters
    • erica voice
    • dreadbox chromatic modules
    • intellijel plonk
    • ala clouds

my son max

  • my favorite songs are the ones with my son max, he is a master at flute and saxophone
  • here's a few with him

deity lp

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deity lp gear

  • bitwig software
  • elektron machinedrum
  • moog mother 32
  • moog subharmonicon
  • 1010music blackbox

meditation lp

meditation lp gear

  • ableton software
  • moog sub phatty
  • ableton push 2 daw controller
  • eurorack with various modules, make noise 0 coast, maths, wogglebug, roland aira fx, clouds
  • akai sp404
  • tomcat drum machine

upcoming lp will be using

  • pyramid squarp
  • 1011music blackbox
  • arturia minibrute 2s
  • eurorack

big playlist