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  • code: retro games
  • this page will have a dedicated page one day
  • topics: code, workflows, python, js, postgres, django and other frameworks

workflow cookiecutter template


app local remote
mkdocs-gh vscode is slow mkdocs ok online editing does not deploy?
lexi readability report github action weird, this creates a report online only github pull requests
markdownlint click & keyboard shortcut Cmd H fli bujo zl n/a
tests wip demos github action
codemirror + vim tw n/a gh pages & requires api key other option is tiddlyhost
slides wip wip need to migrate my gitlab pipelines to github


(A) cleanup drafts/
(A) setup versioning
x 2023-06-02 update footer
x 2023-09-12 install lexi and fix their missing docs/
x 2023-10-16 gayatri

diddling around

Last update: September 18, 2023
Created: April 27, 2023