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  • when you deploy this template
  • if you create any scripts you might reuse in projects later
  • add them to this template with these update instructions
  • default: ~/workflow/{{cookiecutter_folder}}/<example>/
  • optional: ~/workflow/<example>/


  • prompts y/n so each command is an option
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# pick your options 

# failover if you do not want to install cookiecutter
    "echo mkdocs"
    "echo update the port number in the mkdocs and vscode task"
    "mkdocs new ."
    "rm mkdocs.yml"
    "cp ~/template/mkdocs.yml ."
    "> docs/"
    "echo "[TAGS]" >> docs/"
    "mkdir docs/images"
    "mkdir includes"
    "mkdir .vscode"
    "cp ~/template/.vscode/mkdocs.json .vscode/"
    "echo todocli"
    "cp ~/template/docs/ docs/"
    "cp -R ~/template/todocli/ ."
    "echo click"
    "echo update"

# Iterate over the list of commands
for command in "${commands[@]}"; do
    # Prompt the user if they want to run the command
    echo "run '$command'? (y/n)"
    read -r -n 1 response

    # If the user says yes, run the command
    if [[ $response == "y" ]]; then
        echo "Running '$command'"
        eval "$command"