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alias shortcuts

  • apps in this template have aliases documented on their mkdoc page
  • click commands I add typically call an alias so they click is optional

alias workflow

  • this seems obvious I'm surprised it's not included in .bashrc from day 1
  • ea: edit alias file
  • sa: updates aliases (sa = source alias)
# manage aliases
alias ea='vim ~/.bash_aliases'
alias sa='source ~/.bashrc'

julian date

alias day='date +%D && date +%j && date +%A && date +%d && date +%u'
alias fday='mkdir "$(date +%j)" && cd "$(date +%j)"'
alias mday='vim ./"$(date +%j)".md'
alias fj='vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'
alias week='date +%V'
alias month='date +%B && date +%m'
alias year='date +%Y'