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  • complete an old school sustainable heirloom heritage capsule wardrobe
  • minimal and less clothes but has more combinations because everything matches with solid colors
  • less distraction and time wasted sorting and matching
  • durable heirloom clothes that can be repaired and passed on and look better with time
  • sustainable
  • waxes: mertexin barbour otterwax
  • melton wool
  • sustainable cotton
  • leather

old school manufacturers

  • ginew: wear with spirit
  • red clouds collective: better with time
  • rogue territory: keep the trade alive
  • dehen 1920: heavy duty old school truth
  • barbour: made with the future in mind. designed to be passed on.
  • redwing & origin: resoleable boots & repairable belts
  • japanese denim: levi crafted line 150th anniversary 501
  • fullcount: investment pieces
  • freenote: made with intention. built to last. live your story.
  • pure blue japan: has their own indego farm for dye
  • rrl: provisions and dry goods
  • pherrows: authentic, high-quality clothing with a timeless workwear aesthetic, enduring value, and a touch of Japanese heritage