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morning ritual

  • know thyself



  • find the wardrobe challenge it applies to morning ritual


  • gratitude: be happy you & your family are still breathing


  • nerves
  • squat
  • upa

2023-12-24 checklist & timebox

  • appreciating vacation using the time for stoicism, buddhism, journaling
  • this is a lot of stuff for the morning if I simplify it I can be more consistent
  • yoga & meditation to do in the morning lol
  • as taught in level 1 class
  • use their format in daily life when time allows
  • chant, silent meditation, walk, train & dedication of merits
  • today I'm practicing the heart sutra
  • updating sites

2023-11-20 impermanence

  • one thing I reflect on is that I living in the cascadia subduction zone, this is a stupid place to be