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a simple workflow for composing music

  • every step is optional there are no rules
  • start with a song template
  • choose a scale on a master transpose track
  • choose instruments
  • create a periodic linear track
  • layer non linear tracks
  • duplicate and modify tracks to harmonize & counter rhythms or melodies
  • modify the tempo
  • modify all of the above

  • every january (jaMuary) my son and I do a challenge which is to upload a music video every day of the month
  • my son busking at the pier, he plays much better than me and writes music!
  • fun fact, I played iron man back when it was still being smelted
  • at a talent show and here is proof, it was recorded on a vhs tape!
  • the drummer here is jon blue, the founder of capita snowboads
  • my son on flute + me on guitar
  • my son + I live looping

Last update: September 18, 2023
Created: April 27, 2023