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todo cli

(A) cleanup drafts/
(A) setup versioning
x 2023-06-02 update footer
x 2023-09-12 install lexi and fix their missing docs/
x 2023-10-16 gayatri
x 2023-12-21 screencast workflow
x 2023-12-21 todo screencast
x 2024-02-22 add sids playlist to homepage


todo cli relative shortcuts

  • this seems obvious
  • configured to use todocli/
  • alias shortcuts that work relative to any folder
  • this page you are reading embeds the todo and done file here
alias t='clear && ./todocli/'
alias d='clear && t listpri a'
alias done='clear && cat ./todocli/done.txt'
alias snooze='clear && t listpri'
alias tedit='vim ./todocli/todo.txt'
alias tall='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "+"'
alias tpri='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(A"'
alias tprib='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(B"'
alias tpric='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(C"'
alias thelp='clear && ./todocli/ shorthelp'