As I write this 2023 is near, what am I up to?

feeding my ears

feeding my heart

This is Wella pronounced with a V, she usually wakes me up too early for either food, cuddles or to attack me for no reason… she is a maine coon pedigree cat and a rescue / refugee from a breeder in Belarus, she is filling the big boots of our pets who passed away: Buddy the red heeler and Monroe the grey tabby who live on forever as ashes on the fireplace mantle and on the tv and kitchen display screensavers!

feeding my mind


I’m saving some of my nerdy conversations with chatgpt here: https://shane0.github.io/


I’m currently reading Cormac McCarthy’s two volume book, I can’t wait for the movie which I have no doubt is coming and will be another masterpiece.


Evenings and weekends I’m coding on nucamps, I completed the back end devops course that included python, postgres and cicd. After that I finished the javascript front end course. Currently I’m on the full stack boot camp that includes: javascript, react, redux, react native (mobile apps), mongo and some devops. some of that code is here https://shane0.github.io/adventure/


Here are my latest meditation notes: https://shane0.github.io/ including conversations with chatgpt and notes on various books I read during covid

feeding my body

strength training for adventures

I ruck (carrying a weighted backpack), 2 miles with 70lbs once or twice a week

Built a garage gym for strength training once a week, right now I just do squats, deadlifts and overhead/bench press: strength training app