hardware I use and recommend, with reliability & saving time in mind

embedded devices

coming soon, this probably needs it's own microsite, basically i do some programming on arduino and the esp32 platforms

pixel phone

i occassionally update this website from the phone using termux, even in offline mode since each site here is also an offline git repo, usually if i'm using my phone to blog i'm offline out in the moutains or a bicycle tour out of range

pixelbook laptop

this site is usually updated from my pixelbook

the phone above works as a hotspot, i used to have issues with using debian over hotspots but i think that was fixed it's been working for a while now

  • chrome os
    • chip secured
    • boots faster than any os
  • runs android apps
  • runs linux apps - debian
  • 12 hour battery life
  • 2.3lbs
  • 10mm thick
  • customizable keyboard bindings
  • tablet mode
  • stylus
  • touch screen
  • built in two factor hardware u2f security key - using the dual purpose power button
  • stadia makes it a gaming machine

more specs