meditation music

soundscapes and ambient music for meditation or music with guided meditations

i have a site for buddhism that has some meditations on it you can use along with this music

this genre definitely overlaps the generative music genre


  • instruments
    • bitwig
    • vcvrack
    • any instrument + fx
    • explorer tags
      • ambience
      • dark
      • generative
    • tracks
      • wash
      • counter wash
      • optional drum, bass, melody
    • envelopes
      • long attack and release
    • wash texture with drones
      • time based verb delay
      • phase fx or instruments
      • evolving drones on sub and tweeter
    • wash the rhythm
      • sub harmonics
      • lfo filters


learning bitwig presets and ua plugins

dark ambient soundscape


this is a nice visual and audio to distract the monkey mind as you meditate

or use with impermanence or emptiness meditations

used vcvrack & recorded onto a marantz pmd661

here is the file meditation1 if you want to make your own

singing bowl

good sound to start or finish a meditation