why keyboards suck

anti ergonomic

somebody made a bad decision back when mechanical typewriters were being designed

due to the metal bars they staggered all the keys toward the left, this is good for the right hand, backwards for the left

they also decided to waste both thumbs on one big spacebar, the thumb is one of the main reasons we rose up the foodchain and is also the finger with the greatest range of motion...


  • manuform - my current board, compensates for joint movement using curves, and for different finger length using depth
  • ergo - ergodox board, compensates for finger length vertically, it is flat
  • thumbs - the ortho, ergo and manuform take advantage of the thumbs range of motion
  • ortholinear - keys are aligned not staggered, no compensation for finger length
  • split - keyboard is two pieces accomodates shoulder width
  • traditional - a traditional keyboard can be improved using layers, footpedals, programmable layouts or split spacebars


qwerty is not bad, but there are better layouts, and layouts designed specifically by and for programmers

i almost got used to colemak and loved it, problem was sometimes i am forced to use qwerty and my brains not used to switching back and forth, yet...

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