(this pic is from the original builder who made this by hand)

right now there are no companies manufacturing these, they are entirely hand built, i chose to buy one already build

i have a snapmaker 2 3d printer / cnc on order so once that arrives I might build one myself

mine's really nice, hand wired with copper wire, usb c, kailh copper switches, pmk keycaps, silk copper color plastic, i love it, it's the coolest keyboard on the planet as far as i have seen on the internet there's nothing i'd rather have, couldn't be happier

that said upgrading keyboards is a never ending fun hobby so who knows...

for over 3 years i used the keyboardio, it is manufactured and is heirloom quality, i thought it was my last keyboard until i touched a dactyl at the seattle keyboard event in 2019


i'm not sure this can be improved upon, it accounts for all of the physics of the human hand very efficiently

that said, if there were changes to development frameworks, small trackballs or rotary encoders have potential, as well as hardware displays such as being able to change the graphic on individual keycaps leaves room for improvement, but it's going to be probably a few years beforew we see that, all the advancements in keyboards are happening by the small community that hand builds these things

i'm learning to code in C and python on hardware like the esp32 which has wireless, full libraries for displays under development, etc. so i might try building my own ideas later...

anyway back to the board...

it took very little time to adjust to, it is the most effortless to use and removes the most distractions

this is the keyboard that should be given to future generations, raising kids on a keyboard that was designed for a mechanical typewriter not the human hand is child abuse :)

i need to research all the details, don't know who first built this but it was inevitable

the 3d files are for the case are generated by python software

unlike traditional keyboards, it's built for human hands in every way

  • finger length - each finger's keys depth is adjusted accordingly
  • thumbs - there are clusters layed out to utilize this most useful appendage vs wasting both on one spacebar
  • joints - there is a curve to each column improving speed and comfort, removing distraction, allowing more keys per finger without requiring repsitioning the hands from the home row


reviewing backup firmware

this is the json file you upload to the online configurator which compiles the hex file online



bought this one premade handwired, there's a video on youtube by the person that built it showing how it is done, everything is hand wired, 3d printed case, dactyl manuform 5x6 layout & using ergox wristpads