pandemic 2020-07-29

well... i got sick, never got tested so not sure if it was covid 19 or not but i ran out of sick time at work and they did not allow furlough so i'm working from home on my own projects and interviewing for remote positions only

hopefully i can work from home indefinitely or at least until there's a vaccine!


for fathers day i got bitwig software

i also changed up the studio hardware, i got an elektron machinedrum, originally i picked it up to trade for something else but after playing around with it i loved it and decided to keep it

it's a strange machine, the midi implementation is fully documented and more complete than anything i've used

i was using the moog sub phatty for percussive synthesis, the machinedrum is a true synth, so i traded the sub phatty for a subharmonicon, another interesting instrument focused on polyrhyhtm and subharmonics :)

but the machinedrum! so the drum synths sound really cool, realistic, one kit is called PI - physically informed and those sound very realistic and can be tuned, others have retrig, almost a karplus strong sounding algorithm, and all of them have a bandpass filter, para eq, bit reduction, assignable lfo

in short i think i like this machine more than both the digitakt and digitone which i'd tried earlier, the only thing i wish for was overbridge 2 software support, can't have everything, and this works amazing as a dawless setup


i'm studying vispassana & shamatha, still reading the books on these, and dhogzhen


the arduino / kickstarter projects are on hold until the snapmaker 2 arrives, after that i'll have to learn to use it and build probably first the tibetan singing bowl device which will ring the bowl with a solenoid, and probably have a real time clock / oled display with controls, this uses an esp32 chip with wifi updates

i might learn to use the bitwig api, but i'm really busy relearning daw software so that's what i'm learning next