2020 02 17

casually working on a new django app I'll do a screencast and release on later

it's a cleaner generic version of some previous iterations i have in flask and django so some of the codes already there

what do i call it? django-scripts?

here is the basics of what it will do

  • configure a database connection
  • configure a folder
    • store scripts and apps in it, in multiple languages, sql, python, shell, etc.
      • the scripts folder can be used standalone from the command line
    • a list view shows the folders
    • drill down and see the files
    • click copy to clipboard
    • click to run
  • configure a stack of test scenarios using the scripts above, with instructions, and run the set

this is kind of crazy, because it will be a command line app for a back end automation interface

and also crazy because you could use it as an app builder and anything you code you can drop into the folder for reuse in future projects

can be used for development, qa, support, sales demos, or for training

if i add an editor you could run scripts in it like jupyter