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use whole foods, fresh, raw, including the spices and make everything from scratch including sauces and rubs this makes a big difference and doesn't take much more time


vitamins mixed, this is one of the most important things to own, especially if you're like me and don't have a taste for vegetables

you should consume vitamins & your water within your food, this goes back to ancient hindu advice, etc.

drinking 10 glasses of day like many recommend can dilute the acids your body needs to digest food

lemon blast

here's a smoothie i drink that is considered regerative, search lou's lemon blast on youtube

all these ingredients are whole & raw

  • greens - parsley, cilantro, spinach
  • habenaro pepper
  • ginger
  • tumeric
  • lemon
  • cucumber


  • pineapple - whole & include the core
  • banana - works as a creamer, adds smootheness
  • coconut - young coconute is easiest & include the coconut water
  • mixed berries

terry wahls

  • beets
  • ginger
  • lemon


  • taco soup - this is one sales demonstrates
  • bacon walnut - search youtube

occasionally i do others like raw ice creams, chai tea from scratch, almond & coconut milk, crab salad, cole slaw and use it to fresh grind spices & wet chop


  1. tagine
    1. shashuska
    2. lamb or chicken


  1. french bread
  2. pizza dough

wish list

things i have tried & failed at & want to learn

  • samosas
  • dosas with various dips
  • paratha