web apps

i try to keep things in the command line where they are efficient, lean and can be automated but i do dabble in web

i will be moving snippets from some features i've added to my own flask or django sites

  • in out board - message board for scheduling vacations, lunch, etc.
  • folder & file explorer with comparison
    • this i used to compare logs to existing logs to detect when something odd occurred, or just for daily troubleshooting, some app makes a log, ok, look at the latest log, compare to previous successful logs
  • general customer / project management with google charts, tree, gantt, timelines
  • general purpose automation using either db, flat file, or json web configs
    • in other words define a stack of automations, manipulating folders, files, content, emailing or ftp, or api
  • general purpose job scheduler
  • general purpose project scaffolding where each project has documentation, tasks, monitoring and automation
  • time until / time since event manager
  • flask flatpages with search