Dotfiles are plain text configuration files on Unix-y systems for things like the shell, ~/.bashrc, our editor in ~/.vimrc, and many others.

They are called "dotfiles" as they typically are named with a leading . making them hidden files on your system, although this is not a strict requirement.

You can back them up and sync them between machines using a git repository and use that to review the changes you make over time.

editing alias shortcuts

An alias is a keyboard shortcut you can customize, for example i use rd which will open in my text editor, and every project folder i create will have that file, you can create alias shortcuts in the terminal or in your text editor where they are also called snippets.

linode alias doc



i use aliases to work with dotfiles quicky

  • ea - edit alias file
  • sa - source alias file

my dotfiles increase the speed of my workflow immensely

i use a lot of these daily, this is not all i will add more later

also checkout the workflow page

# quick alias edits
alias ea='vim ~/.bash_aliases'
alias sa='source ~/.bashrc'
alias c='clear'

# general purpose
alias rd="vim ./"
alias cl="vim ./"
alias jf='mkdir "$(date +%F)" && cd "$(date +%F)" '
alias fj='vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'
alias ft='vim ./'
alias in='vim ./'

# - requires installation
alias ch='~/bin/'

# todo relative to all projects
alias t='clear && ./todocli/'
alias tedit='vim ./todocli/todo.txt'
alias tall='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "+"'
alias tpri='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(A"'
alias tprib='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(B"'
alias tpric='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(C"'
alias thelp='clear && ./todocli/ shorthelp'

# dialy wrkflow bujo journaling blogging
alias bj='cd ~/'
alias dd='cd ~/ && vim ~/$(date +%F).md'
alias jkj='jk 2>&1 | tee -a $(date +%F).md'
alias calj='calendar -A 0 2>&1 | tee -a $(date +%F).md'
alias fc='calendar -A 0'
alias nn='newsbeuter'

# curly
alias ww='curl'
alias w2='curl'
alias jk='curl -sS'

alias bb='ssh'

# tmux
alias ta='tmux attach -t'
alias tl='tmux list-sessions'
alias tksv='tmux kill-server'
alias tkss='tmux kill-session -t'