how I got into linux

i struggled for a long time trying to program computers, getting past syntax errors was the hardest part, then all of the sudden it seems like everything just came together

maybe something matured in my tiny brain lol, i have no idea but it seemed to start by accidentally when i got a programmable keyboard, that happened because mine broke so i ordered one on ebay with pretty rgb lights, not knowing it was the fully programmable type, or what programmable keyboards were even capable of... but the programmable feature was a bonus to the pretty lights... this led to discovering people using mouseless workflows and that just made everything happen faster far as learning to code

next i started using git version control because i heard it was a simple effective way to store projects with versioning, and was much better than subversion which i'd previously used...

then i found out that linus torvalds created it in two weeks... ridiculous!!! 😄

run man git it says "git - the stupid content tracker" meaning the solution was stupid

it also says "everything is local" meaning git is a command line local app, some people think git is github or gitlab the websites, git runs fine without any remote repos and has features like group email notifications etc.

this led me to want to learn to check out the other linux shell apps and get a taste of how linux works, how the command line works, then it became part of my daily workflow because it is simpler, faster, more powerful and fully automatable by nature

the other factor i think that led to this was programming mechanical keyboards