stack tracing is what you do when you are down a rabbit hole and hit bottom

the stack is like all the layers of a spit cake

and the trace is like poking a deep hole in the executed code to view the layers and diagnose what is happening

if you don't have monitoring setup or if your code doesn't create useful errors people might have to dig in manually to troubleshoot it

this is typically a last ditch effort, like packet sniffing, typically indicates you chose to use bad software so you might reconsider your choices and revisit what you use lol

a stack tracer collects information for deep troubleshooting

stack trace parser makes the output more readable

  • this runs on pixelbook


curl -o strace-parser.tar

tar -xvzf strace-parcer.tar


ps aux | grep nginx
use one from www-data user

strace -fttTyyy -s 1024 -o ngintrace

./strace-parcer  nginxtrace s - summary
./strace-parcer  nginxtrace fi - does files