gitlab docs

gitlab documentation instructions

caveat: i think gitlab has gotten into the weeds with documentation, the company and product is approaching bloat and beurcracy

i recently interviewed at gitlab and i assumed they had worked out the most efficient system but here are some examples of where i'd say they have given up

gitlab web app has these features built in, and they do not use them

  • generally markdown is built in with mermaid charts and plantuml as well as a wiki - instead they use docusaurus
  • issue and project tracking - instead they use zendesk
  • github - bought gitter i believe, and there are many companies that made slack copies, but gitlab uses slack
  • their interview process was very awkward, instead of using repos and plain text they use zoom and pdfs attached to email

that said they are still ahead of everyone in the documentation game despite the obstacles they have put in front of theirselves and i'm sure they have good explanations for it but probably the company is just too big and should split out and come back to unix philosophy aka do one thing do it well