terminal multiplex

this is such a useful app it's utterly ridiculous that people are using anything else to explore files and folders, i use it daily and in screencasts

it lets you script multi pane terminals

probably does much more than that...

for example i'll have a web server running, a todo list and a web app open with 3 panes

you can script a session, open it, detatch while leaving the processes running in the background

and switch between multiple sessions, so each project i work on has a tmux script

then i have some global use, for example the one that opens several folders and walks throught them updating any git repo i've updated, or pulling changes

here's the tmux alias shortcuts - and a link to all dotfiles

# tmux
alias ta='tmux attach -t'
alias tl='tmux list-sessions'
alias tksv='tmux kill-server'
alias tkss='tmux kill-session -t'

rename session

ctrl+b $