ranger & rifle are the file manager you see me use in my linux screencasts

here's some of the default keybindings i use daily

  • default are vim bindings
    • gg G for home and end
    • hjkl for arrows
    • y p for yank & put (copy paste)
    • d D to delete
  • spacebar to select folders or files
    • :bulkrename command opens the selected filenames and allows you to edit them in vim and use regex - ridiculous
  • :marks - bookmark a folder
    • m to mark, then choose a letter
    • ` then the letters you assigned
      • s - shanenull.com
      • b - buddhism site
      • etc...


sudo apt install ranger w3m-img


  • uses vim shortcuts
    • y == yank
    • p == put
    • space → marks multiple
    • : → runs commands
      • :touch filename.md
    • :bulkrename - opens a text editor where you can bulk rename using regex - THIS IS SICK
    • S → opens shell
  • yank a path
    • yp,yn,yd - yank path, name, directory
  • m (a-z) - marks a folder
    • m - displays your marks
    • :marks - displays your marks
    • ` (a-z) jumps to the mark

more info


  • fix image preview
  • setup copy path to clipboard



ranger --copy-config=all ranger --copy-config=scope

set preview_images true set preview_images_method urxvt

marks aka jump to

m - show marks
` - move to mark(x)


S opens a new shell in the current directory.

Then if you hit Ctrl + D on the shell, it goes back to ranger.

or type exit