bullet journaling is just a way to outline tasks or anything using bullets, there's a million ways / opinions on how to do this

you can figure out your own system like what means next, doing, done, snoozed, urgent, etc.

i tend to use the bullets that are built into this site and i used to play with special fonts or emoji

  • simple checkboxes
    • done


  • in a block
  • done
  • open source - it's not software
  • effortless - plain text
  • undistracting - yep
  • 0 dependancy
  • basic documentation - you can create your own system so docs are up to you to create

all you need to do is decide what bullet you want to use for whatever (do doing done urgent low priority, etc.)

vim bindings

for adding dates these are really useful - i use these daily

using datetime stamps

nnoremap <Leader>fg :r !date +\%F<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>fj :r !date +\%j<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>fk :r !date +\%V<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>fl :r !date +\%m<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>f; :r !date +\%Y<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>f' :r !calendar -A 0<CR>

assign bullets to vim bindings - i tried this it's fun but i rarely use it

map <leader>n Iā€¢
map <leader>d Iāœ“
map <leader>e Iāš”
map <leader>x Iāœ–
map <leader>o Iā˜»
map <leader>l Iā¤
map <leader>z Iā˜Æ
map <leader>r Iāˆž
map <leader>m Iā† 
map <leader>s Iā†’
map <leader>p Iī‚ 
nnoremap <Leader>ll \āžœ<CR>
"āœ“ āœ•  ā— ā” 
"āœ– ī‚¢ ī‚  āˆž ā€¢ 
"ī‚  ā˜¢ ī‚¢  ā˜Ž āš” 
 ā†’ā€¢ā˜»ā˜Æ āš” āœ– āˆž

bash aliases

these are keybindings for bash or other shells

# bujo aliases
# specific to my site
alias bj='cd ~/shanenull.com/docs/journal/'
alias dd='cd ~/shanenull.com/docs/journal/ && vim ~/shanenull.com/docs/journal/$(date +%F).md'
# relative to any folder
alias day='clear && echo "$(date "+%Y %m %V %j")" '
alias in='vim ./index.md'
alias rd="vim ./readme.md"
alias cl="vim ./changelog.md"
alias ft='vim ./future.md'
alias fj='vim ./"$(date +%F)".md'