productivity apps

productivity checklist

  • use linux there's many options
    • for $5 a month you can host it on a linode nano server
    • android has an app called termux
    • you can use a cloud shell for free from amazon or google cloud
    • pixelbook - chromeos - install linux
    • apple includes it
    • windows os - install git bash or wsl
  • setup a gitlab account
    • add ssh keys for all your devices, you can even do this on your phone with termux
  • create a workflow journal git repo upload it to gitlab with the mouseless workflow
  • learn markdown
    • learn to convert markdown using pandocs
  • learn bash
  • learn tmux
  • learn vim or emacs
  • start eliminating the mouse and guis from your workflow when possible this is all about keeping it simple, becoming distraction free, using consistent docs and todo apps, reusing templates, bullet journaling in everything