operating systems

open source software is out performing closed source, probably due to sheer numbers, opening source allows more people to contribute

microsoft is moving into open source areas to compete, and their azure cloud platform continues to move toward cross platform open source projects, they have to in order to compete, the community wants to contribute there is no reason to shut them out and if you do you fall behind

they are working primarily on azure which as i said continues to support more linux and open source projects, their python lambda servers now run on linux i read recently

their main focus is on the editor vscode, and .net core, both cross platform, it looks to me like they are shifting work away from their older platforms that only ran on windows and to these new cross platform projects, i would not be surprised to see the proprietary formats dissolve

as of Fri Feb 21 10:45:06 PST 2020

  1. android is the top operating system worldwide 1
    1. here in america ios is top

the top browser is chrome 2 & for some users the browser is the operating system if you work remotely using apps that do not require local processing

my main machine is a pixelbook, it runs on chrome os, which was designed for chrome browser, it also has debian on a container, and runs android mobile apps, it also includes a remote desktop app, the browser extension which allows me to remote to a machine with osx or windows

i group operating systems into linux & windows

chrome is based on chromium / webkit & microsoft threw in the towel, their browser is now based on chromium & windows is shifting to linux 3

cloud hosting providers are using primarily linux, and microsoft's cloud services are moving to linux 4