google and ai

pretty sure google is leading the ai game and will take it over completely

alpha zero

google ai is on phones and can transcribe audio in real time very accurately

everyone is working for google, here is how they have exploited mankind for free labor

format here is product - and what data we provided them for free - if it's blank i don't have a clear answer yet but it's obvious there is data we provided therefore worked for them

  • google search
    • what everyone wants
  • google crawlers for search
    • scraped everyones website for content
  • google adwords
  • gmail
    • what we are interested in talking about
    • what we buy, where we bank and shop
  • google docs
    • what we are working
  • google bought captcha
    • originally you typed the goofy looking letters and numbers - we taught their ai to do ocr
      • they used this ocr to scrape old offline paper content
  • google books
    • scraped all content from all books
  • google maps
    • we provide our driving patterns used for google navigation
    • bought waze - getting more input from us for training ai and improving maps
    • when and where we are shopping sometimes what we bought
  • google voice
    • who we call
    • data for google audio transcription
  • stadia
    • scraping images and gamepaths for tuning ai - see alpha zero
  • google assistant
    • on phones, in our home, on google tv
    • racing games can be used to tune self driving cars
    • shooting games can be used to tune weaponized military products
  • google vpn
    • helps keep other companies from scraping our data so only google can