i try not to think (buddhism) so my attention is free to focus on the moment

therefore i document things if i need to refer to the information in the future or to leave a trail for others

any time i start a new project tech or otherwise i use a few tools that save time, here's some of them

  1. learn to type so you can capture things, no excuses "i don't have time to document..."
    1. learn vim
    2. learn markdown
    3. program your own ortho keyboard
  2. start every project with a (cookiecutter) folder template
    2. make it a repo with basic repo scripts
  3. learn to bullet journal (bujo/)
  4. learn todo cli (todo/)
  5. learn & use bash scripts for all of the above workflows


  1. workflow
  2. keyboards
  3. markdown
  4. cookiecutter
  5. vim
  6. todo cli
  7. readme
  8. bullet journal