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walking meditation

  • walking while mindfull of each step
  • double knock of wood block stop
  • then follow wood block signals each step
  • pick up food slowly
  • place heel first
  • two wood blocks stop
  • face front bow, each other bow

slow walking

“When you are alone, you can practice slow walking meditation. Choose a distance of about three meters, or ten feet, and as you traverse that distance, take one step for each in-breath and one step for each out-breath. With the first step you can say silently, “I have arrived.” With the next step, you can say silently, “I am home.” If you aren’t arriving one hundred percent in the here and now, stay there and don’t make another step. Challenge yourself. Breathe in and out again until you feel you have arrived one hundred percent in the here and the now. Then smile a smile of victory. Then make a second step. This is to learn a new habit, the habit of living in the present moment.”

Excerpt From How to Walk (Mindful Essentials) Thich Nhat Hanh