sutta is a pali word, for the sanskrit word sutra

Sutra (Skt. sūtra; Tib. མདོ་, do, Wyl. mdo) — the Sanskrit literally means ‘something that was heard from someone else’ and usually connotes ‘a discourse’.

  • It refers to the discourses that the Buddha gave.
  • ‘Sutra’, as distinct from ‘tantra’. The entire teachings of the Buddha can be distinguished as either sutra or tantra.
  • One of the three collections of the Buddha’s teachings: Vinaya, Sutra (Tib. མདོ་སྡེ་, do de) and Abhidharma. Here, the sutras are related primarily to meditation, and are said to be the remedy for the poison of anger and aggression.

sutta 148

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