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skillful means


  • confusion points:
  • being skillful could be confused with being judgmental
  • other areas teach being non-judgmental
  • being skillful is more evaluating the right path than judging
  • judging applies in part to the three feelings or notions of feeling: neutral, positive, negative
  • kindness
  • respect
  • truthfullness
  • timeliness
Skillful Means
Moral Discipline
Meditative Concentration
Skillful Speech
Skillful Action
Skillful Livelihood
Skillful Effort
Skillful Mindfulness
Skillful Understanding
Skillful Thought
Skillful Intention
Skillful View
Skillful Reflection
Skillful Application of the Noble Eightfold Path
Skillful Application of the Four Noble Truths
Skillful Means for the Benefit and Liberation of Beings
Skillful Means for Cultivating Virtuous Qualities and Attainments
Skillful Means for Reducing Suffering and Promoting Happiness
Skillful Means for Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion
Skillful Means for Nurturing Spiritual Growth and Liberation
Skillful Means for Cultivating Mindfulness and Awareness
Skillful Means for Developing Insight and Enlightenment