Tibetan Buddhism / Vajrayana is close to my personal views so I dig it, here's an outline of my few experiences with meditation, meditation books and videos

  • 2021 began meditating at night (dream yoga)8
    • still reading books and updating my daily practice as I learn more techniques
  • 2020 (pandemic)
    • started an ebook server (calibre) and collecting books, audio and videos on meditation4
  • 2019 working on maintaining meditative awareness throughout the day
    • prototyping portable electronic meditation companion devices
    • egg timers, watches, etc. - anyting with hourly silent alarms & repeating timers
  • 2018 established meditation as a permanent daily habit
    • started incorporating meditation/minimalist techniques into software, daily life & work567
    • meditating daily with the waking up android app & reading books by people interviewed in the app3
  • < 2017 meditated irregularly
    • occasionally meditating using the android apps buddhify & insight timer 1 2
    • researched and experimented a variety of psychological, mental and spiritual practics; hypnosis, biofeedback meters, etc.