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eightfold path


  • this video uses some fitting simple analogies
  • we are lost and driving the car in the wrong direction
  • know the right direction to go
  • then you have to stop and turn around
  • then you have to push the gas pedal and move in the right direction
  • pdf for this video

The Eightfold Path is a core Buddhist teaching that explains how to end suffering. It is a path of moral conduct, mental discipline, and wisdom. The eight elements of the path are:

  • Right understanding: Seeing the world as it really is, without our own biases and judgments.
  • Right thought: Having thoughts that are kind, compassionate, and wise.
  • Right speech: Speaking in a way that is honest, helpful, and truthful.
  • Right action: Acting in a way that is ethical, moral, and harmless.
  • Right livelihood: Working in a way that is honest and does not harm others.
  • Right effort: Making an effort to develop positive qualities and eliminate negative qualities.
  • Right mindfulness: Being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations in the present moment.
  • Right concentration: Focusing our minds on a single object or task.

The Eightfold Path is not a linear process. Instead, it is a holistic approach to living a good and meaningful life. By practicing all eight elements of the path, we can develop the wisdom and compassion necessary to end suffering.

graph TD
subgraph level 1 sila Stream Entrant Sotāpanna
Harmonious -- Sammā Ājīva --> Lifestyle 
Harmonious -- Sammā Kammanta --> Action 
Harmonious -- Sammā Vācā --> Speech 
Harmonious -- Sammā Sankappa --> Orientation 
Harmonious -- Sammā Diṭṭhi --> Perspective 
graph TD
subgraph level 2 Once Returner Sakadāgāmi
Harmonious_Exercise -- Sammā --> Vāyāma
Harmonious_Exercise -- Maintenance --> Anurakkhaṇa
Harmonious_Exercise -- Cultivation --> Bhāvanā
Harmonious_Exercise -- Elimination -->  Pahāna
Harmonious_Exercise -- Prevention -->  Saṃvar
graph TD
subgraph Level 3 Paññā Non Returner Anāgāmi
Harmonious_Equilibrium --> Sammā_Samādhi
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Upekkhā --> Apperception
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Samādhi Affective --> tranquility
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Passaddhi Physical --> Relaxation
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Pīti Cognitive --> consonance
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Viriya Cognitive --> strength
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Dhammavicaya Examination of --> cognition
Harmonious_Equilibrium -- Sati --> Introspection
graph TD
subgraph Level 3b Paññā Non Returner Anāgāmi
Harmonious_Attention --> Sammā_Sati 
Harmonious_Attention -- Awareness of Dhammānupassanā --> Conception 
Harmonious_Attention --  Awareness of Cittānupassanā --> Emotion 
Harmonious_Attention --  Awareness of Vedanānupassanā --> Feeling 
Harmonious_Attention --  Awareness of Kāyānupassanā --> Body 
graph TD
subgraph level 4 Breaker of Bonds Arahat
NIBBĀNA -- Awakening Imperturbable --> Serenity
VIMUTTI -- Emancipation Paradigm Shift --> Superperception
PAÑÑĀ -- Complete Knowledge --> Full_Comprehension