vajra essence

draft updated 2020-12-09

  1. Taking the Impure Mind as the Path
    • shamatha1
      • 9 stages to reveal the already present self arisen primordial awareness
      • make the subconscious conscious
      • liberated from ordinary mind - self dissolves into the stubstrate3
        • no ethnicity, gender, personal history, species, nationality, etc.
      • free from conceptual elaboration
  2. Revealing Your Own Face as the Sharp Vajra of Vipassana p73
    • Revealing Your Own Face - ultimate nature of mind
    • as the Sharp Vajra - primordially present
    • of Vipassana
    • objectlessness no origin location destination
    • pristine awareness transcends ethically neutral ground4
  3. Revealing the Ground Dharmakaya
    • deeper experience in the nature of "I" & other grasping at delusions
    • non duality realization of the emptiness of self & object3
    • name & referrant2
  4. Determining the Characteristics and Qualities of the Ground
    • separating form from no form
  5. Determining Secret Dualistic Grasping and Revealing The Way of Natural Liberation
    • the grounds, paths, meditations, realizations of the yanas are like water from the one ocean5
  6. Teachings on the Essential Points of Practice and Their Key Distinctions
    • abandon self replacing it with spontaneous actualization6
  7. How to Follow the Path of the Great Clear Light, Direct Crossing Over
    • 6 disconnections - bardos7
    • again many specific pith instructions & bardos
    • continual meditation8