Myoho renge kyo β€” The wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra 
Ho ben pon dai ni: Skillful Ways
Ni Ji Se Son β€” There the World Honored One 
Ju San Mai β€” Quietly came up 
An Jo Ni Ki β€” From his samadhi 
Go Shari Hotsu β€” And said to Shariputra: 
Sho Bu' Chi E β€” The wisdom of the Buddhas 
Jin Jin Mu Ryo β€” Is profound and cannot be measured 
Go Chi E Mon β€” Its gate is hard to understand 
Nange Nan Nyu β€” And difficult to enter. 
Is Sai Sho Mon β€” No Shravaka-Disciple 
Hyaku Shi Butsu β€” Or Self-taught buddha 
Sho Fu No Chi β€” Can understand it. 
Sho I Sha Ga β€” Why is that? (because!) 
Butsu Zo Shin Gon β€”the [present] Buddhas attended on many 
Hyaku Sen Man Noku β€” hundreds of thousands of billions 
Mu Shu Sho Butsu β€” Of [past] Buddhas, 
Jin Gyo Sho Butsu β€” And practiced the many teachings 
Mu Ryo Do Ho β€” Of those Buddhas bravely and energetically 
Yu Myo Sho Jin β€” To their far-flung fame till they attained 
Myo Sho Fu Mon β€” The profound Law 
Jo Ju Jin Jin β€” Which you've never heard before, 
Mi Zo U Ho β€” And also because they are exposing 
Zui Gi Sho Setsu β€” The Law according to the capacities 
I Shu Nan Ge β€” Of all living beings a way that the intention is hard to understand 
Shari Hotsu β€” Shariputra! 
Go Ju Jo Butsu I Rai β€” Since I became Buddha, I also 
Shu Ju In Nen β€” Have been stating various teachings 
Shu Ju Hi Yu β€” With different stories of previous lives, 
Ko En Gon Kuyo β€” Various parables, and various similes. 
Mu Shu Ho Ben β€” I have been leading all living beings 
In Do Shu Jo β€” With countless expedients 
Ryo Ri Sho Jaku β€” In order to save them from materialism, 
Sho I Sha Ga β€” Because I have the power 
Nyo Rai Ho Ben β€” To employ skills, 
Chi Ken Hara Mitsu β€” And the power to perform 
Kai I Gu Soku β€” The Paramita (reached goal of wisdom) of insight 
Shari Hotsu β€” Shariputra! 
Nyo Rai Chi Ken β€”The insight of the Tathagatas 
Ko Dai Jin Non β€” Is wide and deep. 
Mu Ryo Mu Ge β€” They have all the [states of mind 
Riki Mu Sho I β€” Towards] countless [living beings], 
Zen Jo Ge Da's' San Mai β€” unchecked [intelligence], powers, 
Jin Nyu Mu Sai β€” Fearlessness, dhyana-concentrations, 
Jo Ju Is Sai β€” Liberations and samadhis. They entered 
Mi Zo U Ho β€” Deep into no limits, and attained the Law which you've never heard before 
Shari Hotsu β€” Shariputra! 
Nyo Rai Nyo Shu Ju Fun Betsu β€”The Tathagatas divide the Law 
Gyo Ses Sho Ho β€” Into various teachings, and state 
Gon Ji Nyu Nan β€” Those teachings so gently and skillfully 
Ek Ka Shu Shin β€” That living being are delighted. 
Shari Hotsu β€” Shariputra! 
Shu Yo Gon Shi β€” In short, the Buddhas attained 
Mu Ryo Mu Hen β€” The countless teachings 
Mi Zo U Ho β€” Which you've never heard before 
Bus Shitsu Jo Ju β€” No more 
Shi β€” Will I say 
Shari Hotsu β€” Shariputra 
Fu Shu Bu Setsu β€” Because the Law 
Sho I Sha Ga β€” attained by the Buddhas 
Bus Sho Jo Ju β€” Is the highest Truth. 
Dai Ichi Ke U β€” Rare [to hear] and hard 
Nan Ge Shi Ho β€”To understand. 
Yui Butsu Yo Butsu β€” Only the Buddhas attained 
Nai No Ku Jin β€” The highest Truth, that is
Sho Ho Jis So β€” The Reality of All Things 
Sho I Sho Ho β€” In regards to:
Nyo Ze So β€” Their appearances (form? shape? size? ) as such, 
Nyo Ze Sho β€” Thier natures (essence) as such, 
Nyo Ze Tai β€” Their embodiments (present incarnation) as such, 
Nyo Ze Riki β€” Their powers (potentiality also possibilities) as such, 
Nyo Ze Sa β€” Their activities (function or role) as such, 
Nyo Ze In β€” Their primary causes (obvious cause) as such, 
Nyo Ze En β€” Their environmental causes (process) as such, 
Nyo Ze Ka β€” Their effects (latent or hidden effect) as such, 
Nyo Ze Ho β€” Their requital (final outcome or return) as such, 
Nyo Ze Hon Ma' Ku Kyo To β€” And the combination of these [factors] as such (over and over again)