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diamond sutra

mind seal

subdue the mind

  • maintain a mind that is clear lucid and in command
  • the self and the object are empty
  • when the six senses perceive the six sense objects bring forth intrinsic awareness
  • Whenever we see an outer form (e.g., an object or a circumstance), reflect inward to examine the mind:
  • has our mind been carried away by the form we have seen?
  • When we hear a sound, has our awareness been led astray by the sound we have heard?
  • If this mind is no longer present, neither is the Way.
  • Do not give rise to greed and do not crave sense objects; neither grasp nor reject them.
  • Perceive sense objects without giving rise to craving;
  • realize the truth without conceptualizing it.
  • When no conceptualization arises with respect to the truth, therein lies the highest blessing.
  • perceive sense objects without giving rise to craving" means
  • the moment our senses meet their corresponding objects, let no greed nor craving or anger arise in the mind;
  • neither grasp nor reject the sense objects.
  • Just by realizing this understanding, we are in accord with the supreme Way.


  • ANNICA unstable
  • DUKKHA unpleasant
  • ANNATA impersonal