heart of the great perfection vol 1

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in my reading, this book is preceded by fathoming the mind and is followed by heart of the great perfection

dudjom lingpa vajra essence translated and explained by alan wallace

started 2020-??-?? & finished on 2020-??-??

volume 1

contains four works

the sharp vajra of conscious awareness tantra

considered the root distillation of düdjom lingpa’s wisdom.

essence of clear meaning, a definitive commentary based on düdjom lingpa’s oral teachings recorded by his disciple pema tashi.

unpacking these quintessential verses

the foolish dharma of an idiot clothed in mud and feathers

düdjom lingpa narrates the essential dharma teachings from the perspective of an old man rejecting superficial appearances.

the enlightened view of samantabhadra

is a masterful exposition of the great perfection revealed as a dialogue between wisdom beings who bestow a treasury of pith instructions and specific advice for practitioners.