fathoming the mind


  • i use vipassana in daily meditation
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in my reading, this book is preceded by stilling the mind and is followed by open mind

dudjom lingpa vajra essence translated and explained by alan wallace

started 2020-09-19 & finished on 2020-??-??


this book covers vipassana

translation notes

dudjom lingpa - "taking the impure mind as the path"

aka settling the mind in its natural state

again we are using deduction - sutta 148 - self is not the 6 senses and their 6 sets

sophisticated method for examining the manifest nature of thoguhts, emotions, etc. all internal mental objects

from the vantage point of the stillness of awareness

increasingly rigorous internal objectivity the circumstances by which mental events arise how they are present once arisen how they vanish

examine the still vs constant flux whether by their own nature "I" and "mind" or simply stimulus response events arising in dependance upon prior causes and conditions


  • 2020-12-09 - in dzogchen the normal sequence of (view, meditation, conduct) is different, the meditation provides the view