ngondro - turning confusion into clarity


  • link to my ebook
  • things i incorporated into my daily practice that are from this book
  • all 8 topics are memorized & the foundation for everyting i do
    • i can craft a meditation for any circumstance using these
  • every time i read a new topic in another book i review the foundation of it
    • for example dzogchen flavors all 8 foundation practices
      • annotate these here


"a guide to the foundation practices of tibetan buddhism"

ngondro is tibetan - ngon (before) dro (to go) aka preliminary practices aka foundation practices

this is a book i'll continue to refer to and re read as i progress in ngondro and dhogzhen, i highly recommend reading this one before entering dhogzhen

in my reading this book is followed by stilling the mind


  1. ngondro
    1. the four common foundation practices
      • precious existence
      • impermanence
      • karma
      • suffering
    2. the four unique foundation practices
      • taking refuge
      • purification
      • mandala
      • guru yoga


deity yoga

there's many guided meditations in this book, my favorite was deity yoga in the purification chapter you visualize vajrasattva, etc.


you can subscribe to him on youtube here



  • laser cut mandala giving these away to family for xmas accumulation, bodhichitta
  • reviewing fathoming the mind and he mentiones the meditation provides the view, and dzogchen adds flavors to the 4 fundamentals, will update this page with those expansions on the primary concepts after i find all 4