I read slow so usually watch videos on non duality but sometimes at night or if I'm travelling I'll read.


  1. The Wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism10
  2. non-duality illustrated11


  1. As it Is Vol 27
  2. As it Is Vol 1 20216
  3. Vajra Speech 2020 5
  4. Fathoming the Mind 20194
  5. Stilling the Mind 20193
  6. Turning Confusion into Clarity 20182
  7. Zen Flesh Zen Bones 19861


  1. The Vajra Essence 9
  2. Buddhahood Without Meditation 9
  3. Heart of the Great Perfection 9
  4. Open Mind 8
  5. The Four Immeasurables
  6. Genuine Hapiness

In 2020 I started an ebook server and building a library there as well as physical books on Buddhism and many other projects

I have some messy notes to clean up that I'll be putting here soon detailing each book and how I use them every moment / daily