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  • enlightenment
  • pure
  • right mindfulness
  • reflection
  • observation
  • consciousness

Pure and intrinsic awareness (jue-xing)

  • That which knows and perceives, also known as the buddha nature inherent in all sentient beings.

Awareness of observation (jue-cha)

  • The mind attentively observes itself and notices the thoughts and afflictions that arise within.

Awareness of reflection (jue-zhao)

  • The mind clearly observes its own thoughts and counteracts the unwholesome ones by turning them into wholesome ones.

Right mindfulness (zheng-nian)

  • The state in which the mind is attending only to wholesome thoughts without attachments, a mind free of distraction and delusion, and ultimately free of thought, also known as no-thought.

Consciousness (vi-sh)

  • The thinking mind that gives rise to conceptualization, deluded thoughts, and dream states.

Enlightenment or awakening (jue-wu)

  • It is the mind that is awakened to its true nature. Freed of greed, anger, and ignorance, it attains a perfect understanding of reality. There are different levels of enlightenment, the highest being buddhahood.