heart of the buddha’s teachings

  • 4 noble truths
  • eightfold path
powerful book by Thich

Two truths

This chapter touches on everything.

  • Relative truth or worldly truth applies to one being, in our case a human and requirements to that attachment
  • Ultimate or absolute truth refers to all beings, it’s universal truth not bound by worldly or human concerns

We start with relative truth recognizing suffering and happiness eventually realizing they are “not two” and you can’t have one without the other.

This is a matter of talking about reality and dissecting it, or not talking and only observing and accepting what arises.

Another quote is what’s right is right and wrong is wrong relatively but ultimately there is no right and wrong.

mentions several sutras

  • diamond
  • heart
  • avatamsaka

rigpawiki calls diamond vajra cutter https://www.rigpawiki.org/index.php?title=Vajra_Cutter_Sutra

Mentions five remembrances, some day I will have to die, this is my lifespan, and when I return to the shore I will return to non being. These notions will cause the wave fear and anguish.We have to help it remove the notions of self, person, living being, lifespan if we want the wave to be free and happy.

Interbeing – joy and suffering are the same thing

No lifespan, suffering and joy are one thing, practice becomes no practice,

Three dharma seals

Dharma mudra

  • impermanence (anitya)
  • nonself (anatman)
  • Nirvana

Three doors of liberation

Three dharma seals are the keys to the three doors

  • emptiness (shunyata)
  • signlessness (animitta)
  • aimlessness (apranihita)


The four brhamaviharas

three bodies

vulture’s peak

aka 3 doors, kaya means body, these are truths in our nature, or the universe, anything that wakes us up

  • dharmakaya
    • inherent truth
    • ground of being
  • sambhogakaya
    • it’s nature, light or energy
  • nirmanakaya
    • everything we perceive

Five aggregates of clinging

A Buddha is someone who lives in peace, joy, and freedom, neither afraid of nor attached to anything.

7 factors of awakening



chapter 23


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