Five aggregates of clinging

This teaching breaks down existence into smaller pieces that you can process letting go of things that are likely sources of unnatural suffering.

  • Form – rupa
  • Feeling – vedana
  • Perception – samjna
  • Mind objects – samskara
  • Consciousness – vijnana

Sanskrit form: Skandha.

  • Khandha
    • Aggregate; physical and mental phenomena as they are directly experienced; the raw material for a sense of self:
  • rūpap
    • hysical form
  • vedanā
    • feeling-tones of pleasure, pain, or neither pleasure nor pain;
  • saññā
    • perception, mental label
  • saṅkhāra
    • fabrication, thought construct; and
  • viññāṇa
    • sensory consciousness, the act of taking note of sense data and ideas as they occur.



With reflection and practice, you can begin to understand that all of these are fleeting. Like all conditioned phenomena, the five skandhas are subject to change and decay. When you are at peace with this fact, you can be free from suffering.


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