vajrasattva mantra

I discovered this one while reading “Turning Confusion into Clarity” by Mingyur Rinpoche during the covid pandemic lockdown, it is an ancient meditation described in this excellent book which is about the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, the first time I tried this one, as a side effect I got a very tingly feeling throughout my body which is common if you have ever tried “body scan” type meditation. I think the main reason that happened is part placebo, I was happy just to have found a quality book that passes on these ancient traditions faithfully.

Sometimes I will loop this video and fall asleep listening to it.

also during covid as I was reading about deities I wrote a deity album, here’s the one I made while studying vajrasattva, I have to say the songs on this album were more about the various music gear and software techniques I was playing with and studying at the time


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