8 extremes

8 concepts
  • arising
  • ceasing
  • being non-existent
  • being permanent
  • coming
  • going
  • being multiple
  • being single
8 no’s of the middle way
  • no birth
  • no death
  • no permanence
  • no dissolution
  • no coming
  • no going
  • no one
  • no many
8 opposites
  • impermanence
  • non-self
  • Interdependent Co-Arising
  • emptiness
  • Middle Way


  1. arising
  2. ceasing
  3. being non-existent
  4. being permanent
  5. coming
  6. going
  7. being multiple
  8. being single

“In Buddhism we talk about the Eight Concepts: birth, death, permanence, dissolution, coming, going, one, and many. The practice to end attachment to these eight ideas is called the Eight No’s of the Middle Way — no birth and no death, no permanence and no dissolution, no coming and no going, no one and no many.

In the thirteenth century in Vietnam, someone asked Master Tue Trung a question following a Dharma talk, and he replied, “Having offered complete release from the Eight Concepts, what further explanation could I possibly give?”

Once these eight ideas have been destroyed, we touch nirvana.

Nirvana is release from the Eight Concepts, and also from

their opposites — impermanence, nonself, Interdependent Co-Arising, emptiness, and the Middle Way.”

Excerpt From
The Heart Of The Buddha’s Teaching
Hanh, Thich Nhat


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