primordial confusion

this is jay garfield, I highly recommend his book “losing ourselves”

Mindfulness of Breathing

rando quotes

jotting down random quotes… “hard to see the forest for the trees” Our expectations are irrelevant to the realities we are facing There is no single real nature to anything “spontaneously engage with the world in ways that implicate no sense of self” Metta “you’re expressing the wish that they take responsibility for their happiness […]

mermaid charts

disclaimer: sometimes when I’m reading I’ll create mermaid charts / mind maps they may or may not be accurate or usefull

vajrasattva mantra

I discovered this one while reading “Turning Confusion into Clarity” by Mingyur Rinpoche during the covid pandemic lockdown, it is an ancient meditation described in this excellent book which is about the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, the first time I tried this one, as a side effect I got a very tingly feeling throughout my […]

Four Brahmaviharas

Four Immeasurable Minds — love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.” Love in Sanskrit is maitri; in Pali it is metta. Compassion is karuna in both languages. Joy is mudita. Equanimity is upeksha in Sanskrit and upekkha in Pali.


Hello, this is my (Shane Null) wordpress site I use for meditation reminders. This site also has slideshows that are created using reveal.js which I use for meditation. The reason this site uses wordpress is when I’m reading books I like to keep notes from my apple devices and wordpress has a mobile app.


Stop Samatha is exemplified by three practices, it can be done with or without meditative support objects mindfulness of breathing taking the impure mind as the path awareness of awareness breathing meditative supports wherever the sensation is strongest entire body, the nostrils, the abdomen rising and falling pace, pressure, temperature the progression is analogous to […]

five hindrances

Here are techniques for handling some of the hindrances to practice.

desire, clingling, craving
aversion, anger, hatred
sleepiness, sloth


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