heart of the buddha’s teachings

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4 noble truths

the truth (or reality) of suffering (Skt. duḥkha-satya; Tib. སྡུག་བསྔལ་གྱི་བདེན་པ་) which is to be understood, the truth (or reality) of the origin of suffering (Skt. duḥkha-samudaya-satya; Tib. ཀུན་འབྱུང་བའི་བདེན་པ་), which is to be abandoned, the truth (or reality) of cessation (Skt. nirodha-satya; Tib. འགོག་པའི་བདེན་པ་), which is to be actualized, and the truth (or reality) of the path (Skt. mārga-satya; Tib. ལམ་གྱི་བདེན་པ་), which is to be relied upon.[1] The […]


Vipashyana is the direct, experiential insight that all experience does indeed appear, yet cannot be captured by words and concepts, and so is fundamentally as ungraspable and groundless as space.” Mingyur Rinpoche from his book Turning Confusion into Clarity vipaśyanā (Skt., Tib. lhag mthong ). Lit. “superior vision,” contemplative insight into fundamental aspects of reality, […]

How to see, eat, sit, relax, love & fight

Everything is fine if you can pause and reflect you’ll find time for joy

Four rivers of natural suffering

1. Birth 
2. Aging 
3. Sickness 
4. Death

Five aggregates of clinging

Mind objects 

The five remembrances

https://www.dhammatalks.org/books/Undaunted/Section0021.html#sigil_toc_id_25 https://www.dhammatalks.org/suttas/AN/AN5_57.html https://www.dhammatalks.org/ebook_index.html#beyond_coping https://www.dhammatalks.org/books/BeyondCoping/Contents.html https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/an/an05/an05.057.than.html https://mindfull.monster/fiverem.html Buddha advised to meditate on these five daily

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